​In joining Pearson Music Agency, you're not just finding a teacher, you're joining a community. 

"There's no such word as "Can't"!"
With PMA, giving parents the support they need to ensure their child is successful in their learning is one of our main priorities, as parental involvement is essential. 

For children we have fun games, worksheets and apps! We have endless fun repertoire from classical pieces to boogie, jazz, Disney and Pop. We have
Halloween, Easter and Summer recitals/parties where they have the opportunity to meet other students, play their pieces, and potentially perform duets with others! We have the 40 piece challenge, the 30 literary books challenge, and for every epic achievement, we have epic wristbands and gadgets to mark and celebrate the occasion!

For adult students, various tools are available to you to ensure you have all the help you need. We also provide you with the opportunity to join the PMA book-club, and to participate in PMA competitions; performances; and the potential to pair up with other students to dabble in duets and join ensembles.

For children younger than 6: 15 minute lessons are advised. In these lessons, there's a heavy emphasis on music and rhythmic games, along with time on the instrument. 

For beginners (7yrs+, teen, and adult): 30 minute lessons are offered. 

For intermediate and advanced students: 45 minute lessons are available - these are especially good for children younger than 12 who have shorter attention spans. 60 minute lessons are given to intermediate/advanced learners, as well as students who show significant enthusiasm for the instrument.

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